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21 August 2012

Practical guidance on protecting your designs- from an artistic perspective

Many designers express concerns that their designs will at some point be copied, here are some practical steps to ensure that you can claim protection:-

1. Retain all drawings and sketches.

2. If you have worked on any developments, prototypes make sure you keep these as well as all sources of inspiration.

3. If you believe your work has genuine artistic appeal - keep a note on any design brief.

4. Date all drawings, get them witnessed and mark them with the international copyright symbol.

5. Consider sending them to a Solicitor to retain.

6. Keep all press notices, correspondence and comments from a customer

What is an Artistic Work?

For a design to be capable of being an artistic work, the work must be original and comprise of one of the following:-

1. A graphic work

2. a work of architecture, being a building or a model for a building; or

3. a work of artistic craftsmanship

Copyright in an artistic work is dependent on originality. You must have produced it independently by the expenditure of a substantial amount of skill and labour - in short - anything goes providing it is not insubstantial.

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