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Chris Eden - Quality Matters Limited

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Apparently there is a new and disastrous Trojan waiting to damage our systems. This one is called ZEUS and it waits patiently on our systems for us to enter bank details and then exports these to a collection website for use by the crooks.

It is further worrying that some antivirus programmes have failed to detect this Trojan.

A survey suggests that some:

  • 30% of those systems infected did not run any type of antivirus system at all;
  • 14% had antivirus but it was out of date;
  • And the remaining 56% did have up to date antivirus but it failed to detect the virus.

One way to defeat this type of Trojan is to rotate passwords regularly and also to run an additional antivirus check periodically. Monitor your bank accounts and watch for any unusual activity. Report any unusual occurrences straight away. The Banks will refund any transaction where you have taken all reasonable precautions but have still been defrauded.

Now that the recession has reached the bottom, crooks are trying a number of new ways to get their hands on our hard earned money. Donít let them get away with it for lack of care on our part. Put aside some time each week to carry out a review of both security and how we all conduct our transactions and vary the time and method to ensure routine is not detected.

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Chris Eden FIBC, MISSA, ACQI is a director of Quality Matters Limited an established independent management consultancy based in Essex, UK which specialises in ISO27001 Information Security Management consultancy

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