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Religion in the Workplace


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4 October 2011

One of the purposes of the Equality Act 2010 ('the Act') was to give 'protected characteristics' protection from discrimination. "Religion or Belief" which has now become a major part of employment, falls within the meaning of protected characteristics and is defined in S10 of the Act.

Religion means any religion, and a reference to religion includes a reference to a lack of religion. Belief means any religious or philosophical belief and a reference to belief includes a reference to a lack of belief.

Employers are being faced with issues relating to religion with the growing rate of minorities. The importance of understanding the needs of their employees in terms of their religion, and the needs of their business related to the productivity and profitability of the business is vital.

The employment tribunal's decision in Dhinsa v Serco and another held that a ban on prison officers carrying knives did not amount to indirect race or religious discrimination against a Sikh prison officer who wished to wear a religious ceremonial dagger worn by Sikhs. The decision was based on the fact that only 10% of Sikhs wear the Kirpan and the ban did not have sufficient impact on the Sikh ethnic group as whole. The ban was further justified by the fact that the safety and security in prisons was a legitimate reason for the ban to take place.

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