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Sample SWOT Analysis - Common Mistakes to Avoid


Dr L M Foong

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Sample SWOT Analysis:

Over the 10 years of conducting SWOT Analysis workshops and training, I took note of several common SWOT Analysis mistakes derived from various causes. Below are the samples:-

SWOT Factor - Strengths

As the Strengths, it  is an Internal factor and it involves your own organization or your own operation or department. Due to this generic definition, a normal response is resulted when team members tried to list all the strengths of the organization..

One common mistake for the Strengths, it is not evaluated against your competitors. If you fail to do so, then the Strengths will not help your organization to bring in more revenue or compete with your competitors. Hence, it has no impact to the organization in terms of competitiveness.

SWOT Factor - Weaknesses

Another Internal Factors involved your own organization. There could be several issues are weak in your organization example those pertaining to non-fulfillment of certain promises. but no being recognized. Instead, team members focuses departmental weaknesses instead of organization level weaknesses.

One common mistake is team members avoid to raise issue that did not fulfill the requirement of customer satisfaction which may be policy related or involved certain people.

SWOT Factor - Opportunities

This is an External Factors which deal with issues beyond the control of an organization. It may involve economy, government policies, currency etc. Due to the fact it is external factor, team members tends to overlook issues in this factors. Another influential factor is Opportunities are not realized yet.

One common mistake in this Opportunities is team members tends to take an intention for improvement to an internal weaknesses as an Opportunities. Example: Instead of recognizing losing talented employee as a weakness in your organization, you decide to take action for "To Acquire Talented Employees" as an Opportunities. 

SWOT Factor - Threats

An External factor deals with events that may cause lose of business, customer or market share. This is one factor that highlights. Team member may identify potential lose of customer due to performance gap exist in own organization as a Threats.

A common mistake in the Threats is that team members failed to recognize a long term negative effect of certain announcement example Change of Government investment or import/export policies, tax restructure etc etc. 

The above sample mistakes in SWOT Analysis can be avoided should you research enough samples from other organizations. Proper training to the SWOT Analysis is a good way to align each others understanding in the application of SWOT Analysis as well as the relevant templates. The objective of the SWOT Analysis is to align the thinking to ensure strategies formulated has impact to the organization.

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Dr. LM Foong, PhD writes and publishes TQM articles, ebooks, case studies, trainer manual and other TQM Related information. He also publishes SWOT Analysis Blog regularly.

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