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Search Engines Sell Your Data


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The greatest threat to your privacy may not come from cookies, spyware or websites tracking and analysing your web surfing habits. Instead, it may come from search engines, which collect and store records of your searches. Search engines track your search terms, the sites you visit as a result of your searches, the times you conduct your searches and your IP address. This makes it possible to figure out who you are, what your likes and dislikes are, and what you do online.

Search records can be scanned and used in any way the government sees fit. And the records can also be inadvertently released to the public. In August 2006, AOL accidentally published the search histories of 650,000 users, and that data was soon available on the Internet.

Here are some tips to avoid being detected:

  1. Don't log into search engines or their tools.
  2. Google: Even if you don't log into Google, it can track your searches because it uses cookies to track you from session to session.
  3. Regularly change your IP address: Search engines can correlate all your searches by tracking the IP address you're using and then using that to link together all the searches you perform on their sites. There's a simple way to get around this; regularly change your IP address.

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