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Security at Airports


Chris Eden - Quality Matters Limited

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The recent news with suspect toner cartridges has meant that airport security has been stepped up and perhaps I should have taken this into consideration during my trip back from  Germany.

All was well going out and the usual security check of taking off shoes, jacket. etc  passed off without incident.

The return journey couldn’t have been more different.  The job had been tiring and I had a couple of late nights as well, so I was probably not as alert as I could have been.  I wear a suit and carry a laptop; my grey hair shows that I am a mature man, probably not the profile of your usual suspects.

I approached the security point at the German airport; I had removed my jacket, taken my loose change out of my pockets, put my mobile phone and laptop into the tray, taken off my watch as it has a metal strap and looked at the female security operator as she asked me if I had anything metal on me before I went through the detector arch, I mentioned  that the only metal I had were my braces, but if I removed them my trousers would fall down.  It was supposed to be humorous, but her blank face showed that she was not amused. 

As I walked through the arch she pointed to me and gestured to a colleague.  I was whisked into a small room where I had to take off my shoes, empty all my pockets, open my shirt, switch on my laptop and was subjected to a full scan with that wand thing. Fortunately the rubber glove was not required.   All was in order and I was allowed to go.

As I walked out of the room the same woman security guard walked over to me and said

"Ah I see your trousers have stayed up" and smiled.    

Lesson learned.  Stupid comments at security are not a good idea.

About the Author

Chris Eden FIBC, MISSA, ACQI is a director of Quality Matters Limited an established independent management consultancy based in Essex, UK which specialises in ISO27001 Information Security Management consultancy.

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