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Setting Up Your Filing System


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Your filing system is very important. To be able to locate items quickly is of paramount importance. The following system will work for any kind of business. However, please note that many of the files discussed are specific to lease purchasing.

You should have a general drawer, which contains banking information, supply information, general forms, business license, answering machine message, expense envelope. Anything of a general nature.

Your Real Estate files should have a general section for correspondence(sent and received), faxes sent, e-mails sent, consultation correspondence, forms letters, signs(for rent), general advertising, prospects, consultation prospects.

You should have a file drawer that contains all your contracts and forms.

You should have a file drawer for marketing materials. Flyers, brochures, letterhead, cards, newsletter.

You should have a file drawer for clients. A file for each client. For Lease Purchase a separate file for sellers, this should also contain tenant/buyers and be separated into open and closed. Open contains property you are currently working on. Closed are those properties you have found tenant/buyers for and have completed the deal.

If you take credit cards, a file drawer for monthly transactions.

You should also have a file drawer for any products you sell.

The files that should be handy and placed in your graduated tray are:
(Note: Some files are specific to Lease Purchase only)

1. Calls to Make

2. Database Entries - You can note on letter or fax or e-mail which database to enter it into or I prefer, to avoid any mistakes to make separate files.

a) Seller Prospects (from newspaper calling and FSBO site list)
b) Seller Prospects Web (e-mails done to sellers that have responded for more info.)
c) Consultations Sellers - I note on e-mail received or a phone call, if it is from web e-mail or other lists
D) Tenant/Buyer database

3. Calling Lists - A file that contains all your calling lists.

4. Pending applicants/credit checks - applications I am waiting for credit check info to be returned on

5. Letters To Do

6. To Do On Internet

You should also make up files for the forms we provide in the Lease Purchase section.

1. Tenant/Buyer Telephone Credit Form

2. Tenant/Buyer Preliminary Info Form

3. Lease Purchase Property Research Form (Note: Along with your telephone script, you should also have a sheet typed up with the advantages you want to discuss with the seller)

You should make up a fax file, so if someone requests a brochure, newsletter, products you offer, or a tenant/buyer wants you to fax the form, you can do so.

The fax file should contain:

Newsletter (if have one, single sided)

Products Offered (if you have any)

Tenant/Buyer Evaluation Form

Credit Card Authorization

Brochure (on white paper, single sided)

House flyer (flyers for any properties you control)

Your tickler file (accordion file with days 1-31, and manila folders with 12 months), should fit in your desk drawer or under it. You can put your To Do List folder in it at the end of the day for the next day if your space is limited.

Your filing system is an integral part of your business. Be sure your files are set up properly and you will be able to manage your business more efficiently and professionally. Which in the long run, will lead to a successful and profitable business for you.

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