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Seven Pricing Pointers


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Find the right figure to make the highest profits.

1. Don't shy away from charging a fair price for your offerings—you deserve to be rewarded for your time, talent, risk and investment.

2. Keep your price within the range of what customers are willing to pay.

3. Remember that prices for the same products and services vary dramatically by geographic location. Remember the end user manuals for buyers and sellers. Some students with reprint rights sell them for $50 and others for $100. It all depends on the area of the country they live in.

4. The price you can expect to receive is determined in part by your distinct background, talents and skills.

5. Check out the rates of local competitors before settling on a price.

6. When estimating your expenses, consider costs associated with bookkeeping, travel, research, telephone calls, mailing and delivery.

7. Don't set a price so low that it endangers your financial well-being or your sense of self-worth.

Remember your time, knowledge and energy has got a dollar figure, and you want to get what you deserve. You have to make a living just like everyone else. You have bills to pay, a family to take care of, and yourself to take care of. So be sure to take all of this into consideration when you set your pricing. If you are still not sure on how to do that see our 5 part article on Setting Your Fees.

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