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Sex Equality Clause


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28 May 2012

Equal pay as straightforward as it may sound is a very complex area in employment law. It is governed by Chapter 3 of Part 5 of the Equality Act 2010 (EqA). Its main purpose is to deter employers from discriminating between men and women and most importantly it implies a 'sex equality clause' into contracts of employment.

'Sex Equality Clause'

Section 66(2) of the EqA defines a 'sex equality clause' in the following way:

'(1) If the terms of A's work do not (by whatever means) include a sex equality clause, they are to be treated as including one.

(2) A sex equality clause is a provision that has the following effect -

(a) If a term of A's is less favorable than a corresponding term of B's is to B, A's term is modified so as not to be less favorable;

(b) If A does not have a term which corresponds to a term of B's that benefits B, A's terms are modified so as to include such a term.'

The clause enables an employee to bring a claim where he or she has been treated less favorably than a comparable employee of the opposite sex with regards to a contractual term. For example, an employee could bring a claim if a comparable employee carrying out equal work was entitled to bonuses under the terms of his or her contract and the employee bringing the claim was not entitled to the same.

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