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Simple Steps To Get Your Website Off Your To Do List And Online


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One of the biggest struggles my one on one clients face is how to get my team all of the website copy, images, and other items we need to complete the project. But how can you pull together a website when you're running your business and working with clients every day. There is hope! But since you're not a superhero, it will take some planning. Here are some of the steps I take when launching either my website or one of my client's websites.

1. Create a website organizer- Create a checklist of all of the tasks you need to complete for each page of your website. If you're not sure what pages will be included on your website start by developing a simple sitemap outlining your website navigation. Then use this sitemap to develop your checklist. Make sure to include any hidden pages like thank you pages. It's helpful to set a deadline for each task so then you are not overwhelmed by tasks.

2. Set aside a business development day only- I usually reserve Fridays or a day on the weekends for a business development day. During this time I only work on business development items such as writing, additions to my website, or marketing. If you are focused on completing a website, set aside one day for this task only. Otherwise, it will always get pushed to the back burner. If you feel guilty about putting off work for clients or not working on any billable time, think about how your website will sell your services and products for you automatically.

3. Create a deadline- Even if you have no actual deadline for your website, go ahead and create one. This way you will be motivated to complete your copy and other items required for the website. Make sure this deadline is a realistic deadline though otherwise you will never stick to it. Create reminders in your calendar according to this set deadline.

4. Work with a virtual assistant- If you already have a virtual assistant; get her help with your website tasks. Have your assistant remind you of set deadlines, proofread your copy, find clip art, organize photos, and any other tasks you need help with. If you're just getting started and don't have an assistant enlist your spouse, friend, or family member's help. If you would like to hire a virtual assistant there are several companies to start with if you Google "virtual assistant". I found my first assistant from a referral so ask other small business owners for their resources.

5. Talk through your website- If writing is not your expertise; try talking through your website. Use a free teleseminar service and then record the phone call of you talking about your business. After you have recorded the information have the phone call transcribed and then proofread to transform it into copy for your website.

There are a lot of steps which go into putting your business online. Try not to get overwhelmed and take it one step at a time. Soon you will have a brand new website which will work for you 24/7.

I walk each of my clients through this custom organizing process in order to get their websites online fast. So if you need some help getting started call 713-429-1854 to schedule a "get to know you phone call" to see how I can help you speed the process along.

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