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Simple tips for maintaining your laser printer


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Simple ways to keep your laser printer works longer and performs better.

  • Ventilation : All laser printers generate heat and it is therefore important to keep ventilation panels clear from obstruction. Never locate machines in direct sunlight.
  • Paper: Always use media as recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to do this may result in very expensive repairs. As a general rule paper of 80 g.s.m. which is Laser Compatible should be acceptable. Avoid using labels or acetate whenever possible. Many printer problems can relate to the paper. If you are getting repeated paper jams the paper may be unsuitable or damp. Try a fresh pack.
  • Maintenance: Keep the machine clean and you will get far better performance from it. A toner vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth may be used to remove dust from the machine. Care must always be taken to turn off the machine and remove the power cord before cleaning. Pay particular attention to pick rollers and look for spilt toner. Dust is abrasive and will contaminate consumables, it will also cause wear on moving parts.
  • Consumables: We have to advise that to get the best performance manufacturers original consumables are always used. As a maintenance company we are required to repair many printers which have been damaged due to cheap remanufactured consumable items being used.
  • Printer Drivers: Check periodically that you have the latest driver for your printer, many printing problems can be resolved by simply downloading the latest version from the manufacturers web site.
  • Paper Jams: Always remove paper jams in the direction of normal paper movement. Attempts to pull out paper in the reverse direction will often result in damage to the machine. In the case of a severe jam, turn the machine off and let it cool down first.

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