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Six simple steps to build your network through ex-colleagues


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Youíve been in the same company for five years and youíve seen many colleagues come and go - a few of which, itís great to see, have moved on to pastures that look gratifyingly green compared to your own workspace. Unfortunately, that relationship has now run its course, so how do you make contact again and ultimately create new connections in organisations you want to be part of? Here are some simple yet essential Ďdoís and donítsí.

  • Donít try to pretend to be friends.

<br>Donít contact this person through facebook or pick their number out of your mobile contacts to say ĎHi, How are you? We must meet up for drinks and have a catch up?í Once the real reason for making contact becomes apparent it will just seem contrived and they will be less likely to help you out.

  • Do be polite but direct

Send an email stating professionally that you are looking at moving on in your career and would like to explore your options at Big Cheese Accountants Ltd. Give an overview of the skills youíve developed since you last spoke and how they will benefit the organisation

  • Donít expect to be given the world at your feet

Expect nothing. This contact may not be able to help you at all. Remember to be polite and then ask them for a drink whatever the outcome, you never know they might be able to help you in the future.

  • Do return the favour

Almost certainly one of your contacts will be of interest to your new network contact, be it your friend who needs their professional services, to your sister who can cater at their wedding.

  • Donít pester

If your contact does come through donít call them up every five minutes. If you have some questions to ask jot them down and arrange to meet face to face. This way you can build a relationship and get a greater understanding of the culture you are looking to enter.

  • Do take whatever help is given

If all you are given is a name and an email address then exhaust this route first. If it works out then give your contact a call and thank them. If it doesnít? Call to thank them anyway.

Finally, donít forget to add your contact to your little black book (or little blackberry). You never know when this contact may be of value in the future, and you may have just rekindled a friendship.

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