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Social Networking Sites - Keeping Safe And Avoiding Regrets


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Social networking websites are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst the younger members of the public. They are a great way to interact, find friends you have lost contact with and to keep in touch with family members. For bands and artists, they are an excellent means of promoting their work and to keep fans informed of the latest releases.

As with any online communities, there are a few things any member should be aware of. Unfortunately, there are always some individuals who use such sites for less than honourable purposes. It may not sound like a lot of fun, but it is good to take some safety measures, just in case.

Do not share too many personal details. Some websites allow details such as phone numbers to appear on member profiles. It is not recommended to place this on a profile for everyone to see. Keep addresses, including your personal email address, hidden from public view. You can always give them out to known and trusted people if you so desire. It just shouldn't be up there for anyone to get a hold of.

Have a good look at the security options the website provides. If possible, it's recommended to not allow your profile to be displayed to anyone who knows how to use a search engine. If you do want others to be able to find you with ease, keep your personal details to an absolute minimum.

This includes who you allow to access your photographs. Not only might they attract untrustworthy people, employers are becoming aware of the increasing popularity of social networking sites and they might have a look at your page. Posting pictures of a fantastic night out to share with your friends can seem like a good idea at the time, but it might not make a very good impression on those who are thinking of hiring you. Of course, what a person does in their spare time is up to them. Still, embarrassing images might leave an impression that's difficult to shake.

If you have a profile on one of the many websites, it is not recommended to hand the address to a potential employer. It is different from handing them the address of a professional website. The latter might promote you and show them examples of your work. This can help you land the job. The former should really be kept for friends and family members.

Have a good think about how much you want to show the world about who you are, and what you are about. Keep in mind that you are not as anonymous as you might think, and the more you share, the more data there is about you for anyone to find. Most people who will come across your virtual footprints will be nice, and harmless. Sadly, some might not be. So tread with caution.

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