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Staff Holidays - 10 Tips to help you Cope


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Itís the summer and the kids are out of school, the sun has actually been shining now for a good few weeks and weíve all forgotten those conversations back in June about Ďanother lost summer!í For many B2B businesses this is a time when decision makers are away, projects are delayed and in general everything quietens down for a few weeks.

The drive into work is cut in half, the windows are down and as you drive in you canít help but wonder just where all those children and chauffeurs have gone, do they really account for that much traffic? The likelihood is though, that the missing cars and people answering their phones and emails are going to include some of your staff. Most companies are going to have holiday calendars so that staff levels can be maintained so not everyone is sunning themselves on some beach at the same time.

Forward thinking businesses will look to use this time positively. Itís all too easy to sit around and moan about how quiet it is or swap holidays pics or look at everyone elseís on Facebook but there are far more proactive approached to how to effectively use this time.

Have a look at our suggestions below:

  1. However short staffed you are itís vital that emails and calls are still answered promptly. The customer experience should not be affected!
  2. Ensure a thorough handover process takes place for any staff covering for others. Having all processes thoroughly detailed and documented will also be beneficial.
  3. Utilising Laptops, Mobile and Cloud Based Technology enable staff to work from anywhere and can make managing the workload far easier for staff, wherever they are.
  4. Staff Training Ė a way to encourage positive thinking in an otherwise quiet time! Smaller numbers will allow management to concentrate on individualís needs or areas where they need the most assistance as opposed to larger more general training exercises.
  5. Review internal procedures and processes. Can you do thinks quicker, better, for less money or smarter? The summer is the perfect time to review what you do and how you do it.
  6. Implement new Technology, website changes or other larger commercial projects. As long as the staff needed are present, Iím not suggesting that you initiate something just because itís the summer, but this can be the perfect time to take on Ďriskierí projects. If anything does go down or not work or have negative implications the commercial Ďdownsideí will be limited due to the lower visitor numbers or enquiries.
  7. Plan changes and projects for the coming year.  There should be enough time to thoroughly research and plan future work and projects that will be implemented in the coming year.  Take the time now when youíre not buys instead of rushing your planning when you are!
  8. Team building exercises or Social Time. Finish early on a Friday and play rounders in the park, turn the car park into a BBQ area or do a pub quiz. Quieter times are the perfect to have some fun without worrying about lost business and the benefits to the staff are immense.
  9. Allow staff to spend a day working at a Charity of their choice. The benefits here can be enormous for all parties and itís a great PR opportunity!
  10. Have a ďCan DoĒ attitude. Pitch in and get involved, staff need to jump in and help when staff numbers are down so encourage everyone to pitch in and help where needed. It start with the Boss though, if you donít have that attitude then your staff wonít!

We hope that gives you some ideas and innovations that you can use in your businessesí quieter times.  Have fun with it and donít forget, the summerís nearly over!

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