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Surveys To Improve Customer Services


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We are constantly undergoing changes within our companies. Success one time does not mean success forever. With bad management and poor customer service, a company can find itself facing problems that they might not be able to handle. But if a company mastered the skill in achieving an excellent customer service, he may find himself in a position where he monopolizes the market share.

As I have said before, excellent customer service is the way to get customers and consumers and have them coming back for more of your products and services. But a one-time success in your business needs strict attention and observation to maintain it. This involves a constant process that studies, changes and improves your already excellent customer service. There are many ways on how to maintain this. One of them is through surveys where you can acquire and use your gathered customer information to change, if necessary, and improve your customer service. But how can one go about taking surveys when the risk of having biased answers is very high? Or how would you know that the customer feedback is accurate?

Surveys have been done all the time by companies seeking further improvement in their services. They print out surveys and hand them out to the customers. But what makes surveys difficult to gather is that the consumers and customers usually participate in the survey or answer a company's survey form only when they had a negative experience with the company and they have the need to lash out at them at an opportunity given, and survey is an opportunity to do that. Although any negative feedback a company gets can be turned into something positive because they find out new things to improve about their customer service, it is still not that accurate because it is not painting the complete picture of what the company's after. If all the answers are negative given by the customers, your data is not accurate. Also, as most surveys have a timeframe for data gathering to be finished, you will find that the time to react has elapsed by the time you have gathered all the necessary data.

So if your company is going to do surveys to gather customer information, I will discuss below some important and necessary features your survey should have to further help you achieve an excellent customer service.

It should be "agent anonymous." When I say "agent anonymous," the voice intonation of your customer service representative should not, in any way, affect or influence the customer taking the survey as it might bias the study. It is important also that you have the customer's consent to participate in the survey you are conducting, and this should be asked by the IVR not the agent. It is also important that the survey be interactive so that it is easier, and the customers can thoroughly complete it. When doing surveys, you should also always remember that the time of the customers is important.

Although taking and completing the survey is important to the company, their time is even more valuable. So make the surveys short and easy to understand. Increasing the number of the customers who will be participating will also increase the weight of the results of your survey. In the survey, allow the participants to voice out their true feelings of your products and services so that you can determine their true sentiments about your company. Numbers and ratings alone are not enough to measure customer information surveys. What they really think about you is more important.

Lastly, update your surveys every time since many changes can occur with your customers that will ultimately affect your company. Reacting quickly to customer demands, be it good or bad, can mean something to your business.

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