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Taking Time off for Dependants


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18 July 2011

Employees have the right to take time off work, if an emergency arises involving a dependant. This is usually unpaid.

Dependant's can be your spouse, children, parent or any other person living with you as a member of the family. A dependant may be extended to for example, an elderly person living alone that becomes dependant on you in the event of an emergency.

The rules set out by your employer in relation to time off for dependants may be incorporated in your contract of employment. This would be the first place to start in considering whether or not you are eligible to take time and if so, how much time etc.

Some circumstances which allow a person to take time off are obvious, for example:

- If a dependant falls ill (whether minor or critical). Illness does not have to amount to just physical illness but can also comprise of a mental illness.

- If a dependant has been a victim of a crime, a person may need to take time off in order to support them.

- If a dependant's care arrangements have been disrupted, such as a nursery closure or a child minder fails to turn up to work. This relates to being called to your dependant's place of care in emergency.

- If a dependant dies and a person needs to take time off to make funeral arrangements and take time off for the funeral etc.

A person takes time off for a dependant generally because something out of the ordinary has occurred. The employer must be notified; however this need not be in writing. When taking time off it should be a 'reasonable' amount given the circumstances.

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