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Ten Steps to Mapping Out Your Plan


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Once you have a vision and values-based S.M.A.R.T goals, itís time to put a plan together for achieving them. This plan MUST be a written (or typed) document. Here are 10 easy steps for completing the plan:

1. Select a format for recording your plan. I have a couple different formats Iíll make available on the Resources page of my website.

2. Stephen Covey tells us to ďbegin with the end in mindĒ meaning start with where you want to end and work your way backwards recording all the necessary tasks.

3. Organize the tasks into either phases or logical sections. This helps break down the goal into smaller parts that feel more attainable.

4. Once subdivided, prioritize the tasks in each section and identify any dependencies between tasks.

5. Calculate the amount of time needed to complete each task and phase. If these calculations donít match the completion date of the goal you will either need to alter the end date of your goal, or commit more time and resources to getting the tasks done sooner.

6. Assign due dates to each task.

7. Set aside time in your calendar each day/week to actually work on completing the tasks you identified in your plan. Too often when working with clients I find they do the planning and write it down but neglect to set time aside in their calendar to actually do the work. Make an appointment with yourself and stick to it.

8. Take time each week to review your progress and check off completed tasks in your plan. Itís very gratifying.

9. Notice what is and isnít working with your plan and make any needed modifications and updates.

10. Each month, review your Vision, Goals and Plan to refocus on the big picture and celebrate your successes. This will keep the momentum flowing.

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