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The Convenience And Benefits Of Fleet Management Systems


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Fleet Management is a very important tool in the fleet industry. It primarily helps fleet managers manage the vehicles in their company's fleet. Instead of leaving the drivers of vehicles to track cash purchases, fleet management gives them tool they need to effectively ensure that transport is handled smoothly and that time is not wasted. This tool helps with planning the most efficient routes for vehicles, tracking vehicles, tracking mileage and most importantly monitoring accounts against fraudulent purchases.

There are other factors involved in fleet management which includes fuel and maintenance management, vehicle financing, diagnostics, health and safety management. These functions are extremely helpful when a company relies heavily upon their fleet of vehicles to conduct business. This is especially true for companies who have to keep track of many vehicles and drivers.

The Convenience

Fleet management is convenient, easy to implement and use because it removes the risk that is involved in vehicle investment and provides 100% compliance with Duty of Care government legislation. A company can choose to deal with these operations in-house or they can outsource the operations to a Fleet Management provider. Fleet management is so convenient that it is estimated that it will increase significantly in 2008, especially with the expected rise in fuel costs and the need to curb those fuel costs as much as possible.

To make fleet management more convenient, there are computer programs available to aid a business in its fleet management tasks. These tasks can be vehicle acquisition, vehicle disposal, trip profiling, vehicle dispatch, and can provide functions such as active disabling (remotely preventing an engine from starting) and Geo-fencing.

The Benefits

The benefits of fleet management more or less speak for themselves. One concern is fuel efficiency. Fleet management systems must develop a plan to be as fuel efficient as possible. This can be through the mapping of the most efficient routes for the vehicles and even coming up with fuel plans to optimize fuel spending. Perhaps running as few vehicles as possible may be part of the plan on light days rather than running multiple vehicles when it isn't needed. Such strategic planning can keep productivity at optimal levels while saving money at the same time.

But it is through productivity that profits are going to be made, so fleet management systems must map out plans to make sure the job gets done in a timely manner. This also ties in with using vehicle tracking as a way to make sure vehicles are not straying from the plan and if they do, they can be put back on track through GPS systems based on cellular triangulation platforms. This is especially helpful if a vehicle is lost. Instead of driving in circles to find where they are going, a GPS system can quickly get them back on track.

Mechanical diagnostics is another great benefit of fleet management and advanced fleet management systems can perform such functions by being able to connect to the onboard computer of the vehicle. The computer can then gather information such as mileage, fuel consumption, and other aspects that ensure compliance.

So you can probably tell how important fleet management can be for a business. Having a good system in place can benefit a business in many ways whether it is knowing when to dispose of an old vehicle and invest in a new one, or monitoring the activities of the fleet to ensure that business on the road is being conducted reasonably, cost-efficiently, and in a timely manner. How you want to manage your fleet is up to you since there are so many levels of management available from basic functions to advanced functions such as performing mechanical diagnostics remotely by communicating with the vehicle's onboard computer. It more or less comes down to how many vehicles you have and how advanced you want to be.

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Fleet management is a crucial part of business for anyone in the transportation industry, (or to anyone who is in charge of a group of vehicles). Making use of an effective management system is sure to alleviate stress.

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