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The Easiest Way To Keep Your PC Run Smooth And Fast


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Most people using computers for work, research, games or socialization almost always want to do their tasks as fast as possible. Of course, they can only do this if their PCs function well. And to enable a computer to operate smoothly as well as to optimize its best performance, there are several important aspects to consider - speed, security, anti-virus software, privacy protection, registry, files cleanup and Windows operating system.

Some basic steps can be taken to make your PC run smooth and error-free. A quick method is to close any unused programs on your Windows by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. This is part of the process known as optimizing your Windows registry. Getting rid of unnecessary programs will free up memory and improve your computer's speed. These programs normally appear as icons in the lower right hand corner of your computer screen beside the clock. To access options on those programs, you can click, double click or right click on each of them. Another way to do it is to go to start menu, double click on programs and then double click on startup. Find out which programs you won't need, click on them and press delete.

The next step is more complex and will require you to edit and backup your registry just to be safe. To do this, click start, run and type "regedit" in the box. From there, double click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder, then for Software, then Microsoft, then Windows, then Current Version and then Run. These programs run at startup and before deleting, be sure you no longer need them.

In optimizing your Windows Vista, the initial step you should take is to update your drivers as often as possible. New drivers guarantee improved performance and eventually enable more features. If you've had experience installing Windows operating systems including this latest one, you may have noticed that Vista rarely asks questions about your computer and what you want to do with it. Vista, just like Windows XP, assumes it knows your computing habits and the features you may or may not require. It will also install some unnecessary overhead which you can remove. Similar to Windows XP, Vista also has the "uninstall a program" button which you can click to get rid or change a program window. By doing this, you will surely speed up Windows and improve your PC's game and application performance.

If, however, you encounter difficulty following those steps, you may want to avail of a free software called "Advanced WindowsCare v2 Personal." A flagship product of IObit, this freeware can do so many things in an integrated manner to make your PC operate fast and smoothly such as removing spyware and adware, preventing security threats, protecting your privacy, fixing registry errors, cleaning up of temporary files and startup, repairing Windows. Advanced WindowsCare Personal is your all-in-one systems utility that entails only a single click per day for proper computer maintenance, protection and optimization.

This freeware stands out from its close rivals as its very easy to use, can do all its work with one click and scans as well as fixes your PC's entire system in just one minute. Among the repair work it can do are system configurations, invalid registry entries and startup items, cleans up Windows trash. As add-ons, Advanced WindowsCare Personal also has extra useful system tools and detailed information of hardware and Windows.

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