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The Four Components to Fund and Launch a New Business


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Many people get overwhelmed when they consider the prospect of starting a new business. Then there are those who go soaring in head first´┐Żfull speed ahead with closed eyes! Both types of people can benefit by splitting the business building process into four distinct components: money, prototype, industry expert, and distribution channel.

1. The Money. The majority of us feel like we cannot build a new business because we do not have enough money. The awesome secret behind the money is that money is strangely attracted to where it is helpful, safe and well nourished; for that reason, money is actually the last of the 4 components you will want to seek out. If you create a business and have faith in it, the money will naturally follow.

2. The Prototype. The closer you can get your idea to a provable concept, the more appealing it will be to money. Besides, you wouldn't want to devote considerable amounts of time and resources into a project that simply will not sell.

3. The Industry Expert. This should be your initial step. Way too many things come to light when you go into an industry you know nothing about. You need someone on your team who knows the industry and knows the right people.

4. The Distribution Channel. Tell me this: Why would you ever want to spend loads of money and time to build a surplus of things you will store only to have them sit in your warehouse for years? To avoid this scenario, follow this simple advice: If you do not have a buyer and a way to distribute your goods, do not create them.

Building a new business is painfully simple and easy. It's only in our own heads that the process becomes overwhelming. Use these 4 components and venture safely and happily!

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Rod Alan Richardson has dedicated his life to teaching people to succeed in free enterprise through Business Training. Mr. Richardson believes he can change the world by directing people to a higher road and putting them on the path to Transcend Money.

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