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The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - Points


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The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) and the General Highly Skilled Migrants (GHSM) are two similar categories for entry to the UK. It basically allows people with sought after skills to enter the UK. Similar programmes are run in Australia and Canada.

HSMP was established in 2002 but has since had a lot of changes; there is now a tier point system in place. Now to be considered entry for the UK under the HSMP you will need to gain a number of points. To be able to enter the UK on either the HSMP or General Highly Skilled Migrants you need to score a minimum of 75 points. These 75 points are essential to show that you have enough sought after skills wanted and needed in the UK. Failure to gain these 75 points will mean your application to move to the UK will be rejected.

The difference between the HSMP and the GHSM is that with the General Highly Skilled Migrants sub-category you can no longer automatically gain 75 points if you have an MBA, English language requirements are also a lot more stringent.

Under these categories you will need to have a qualification of at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent to gain a reasonable number of points. Successful applicants are granted leave for entry to the UK for a maximum of two years. After the two year period you will have to provide evidence of employment to be granted further residence.

To score the points needed to gain entry to the UK you will be analysed on the following areas:

- Age - Qualifications - Previous Earnings - UK Work Experience - English Language Ability

1) Age

The younger you are the more points you will gain.

* 27 or under - 20 points * 28 or 29- 10 points * 30 or 31 - 5 points * 32 and over - 0 points

2) Qualifications

The higher the level of qualification the more points you will gain.

* Bachelor's degree -30 points * Masters degree-35 points * Doctoral degree-50 points

3) Previous Earnings

This part is linked to the local income levels of the country you are living in. For example a doctor in the USA and a doctor in Nigeria will not be earning the same amount of money. For a full list visit HSMP Income

4) UK Work Experience

You will only gain a maximum of five points in this section. The points can be gained based on what job you were working within the income section. Any experience that you have had of working within the UK will severely help you when it comes to gaining points.

5) English Language Ability

You will need to have good English language ability. You should have either completed a bachelors degree that was taught in English or possess an international English language testing system qualification of at least a band 6 that is less than two years old.

It needs to be noted that even if you are successful in your application via the HSMP you may still need to apply for entry clearance at the nearest British Embassy or High Commission.

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Carolyn is the webmaster of Immigration Consult, experts in dealing with applications to enter the UK under the HSMP Visa.

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