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The Right Management Style


Dr L M Foong

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Be in corporate companies or tiny groups, schools or work place, top level work or regular teamwork, whatever it is, management should always be taken seriously. Never under estimate your job if you've been assignment to lead a group, instead use the right management style and take a hold of the situation and reach goals, achieve success and make all ends meet. A good manager should always have the big picture in mind and make good decisions, wise choices and so on.

Top of your list should be your relationship with those around you. Always make sure you interact with your employees and understand each and every one of them. It's best for you to know their jobs and see that they do things right. You would also want to keep conversations open so when a problem arises, they do not fear away and try fixing things only to end up in a bigger mess but instead, bring the problem up. When a problem does come up, make sure you still keep a level head before jumping from your chair. The best way to work a team is to get all of them together and help each other out, so for best outcomes, hold weekly meetings to talk about progress and solutions together.

Also, always be fair and remove all senses of prejudgment, stereotype and prejudice thoughts when interacting with your employees. This will help you make sensible and fair judgments. Also, whenever a decision is made, to give your employees a sense of understanding, try clarifying your decision by giving reasons and facts to support each decision.

If you're new to the management circle and unsure of how to run things, the last thing to do is shy away and figure things out on your own. Hit the library and pick up a few management books or ask other managers how to tackle certain situations. Remember, the best managers learn from past experiences, so don't be afraid to leap, ask and seek.

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Dr. LM Foong, PhD writes and publishes TQM articles, ebooks, case studies, trainer manual and other TQM Related information made available at the Resource Center in Total Quality Management. Also read more for other Management Styles.

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