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The Use Of Facebook As Evidence In Court


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27 July 2011

13th July 2011. Britain's Supreme Court outlaws the use of secret evidence to hide the torture of Guantanamo bay detainees. The Guardian described the ruling as a 'significant victory for open justice.'

The litigation law of England and Wales also stated that all documents involved including private electronic documents may be obtained by the court.

Currently, social networking sites are becoming increasingly common features in court cases. Rane Zimmerman, a forklift driver working for a warehouse owned by Weis Markets attempted to claim damages for an injured leg. Weis Markets however indicated that his Facebook and My Space suggested his leg was not injured and also preceded in providing the court with Zimmerman's usernames and passwords. This in turn provided the court and Zimmerman's former employer with not only the information relevant to the case, but an insight into Zimmerman's life, with information which was not relevant to the case as well as an invasion of the privacy of Zimmerman's intellectual property.

The above case provides a warning to those thinking of taking their case to court. They should carefully consider what and who have information on them through the medium of social media and proceed with caution. Has their claim already been undermined before reaching the court by numerous electronic social connections?

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