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The different classes of copyright


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14 April 2011

There are various different aspects of copyright and these aspects are divided up into different classes, these classes depend on the type of material concerned as can be seen below.

Text and Words is the first class of copyright, this is defined as anything that is written, spoken or sung. Examples of things that are included in this section are: books and magazines, directions for a play, words of a song or poem and letters as well as many other things.

Performance is the second class of copyright; performances are sometimes very valuable and so are cautiously protected. This class defines that performers have rights in what they perform.

The next class is databases, the definition of a database is 'a collection of works, data or other materials which are arranged in a systematic or methodical way and are individually accessible by electronic or other means'. This includes such things as lists of products, price lists, and directories etc.

Films, this is probably the most obvious class of copyright that anyone would know. The film must consist of a series of images from which a moving image can be produced.

Sound recordings, this class is another obvious one, it includes anything which can carry a sound this includes CDs, DVDs and tapes.

Industrial drawings, this is drawings made by people in the manufacturing industry in order to make products, these drawings are normally of machinery.

Artistic works, this class includes things such as maps, buildings, company logos, pictures, drawings and many other things.

The final class is computer programs, this class is simple and it applies to computer programs that are in electronic form and it also applies even if it is just written down on paper.

By Krystal Ramsammy - Lawdit

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