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Three Factors Affecting Computer Performance


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Many people ask themselves "why is my computer so slow?" There are many who own computers but are not that computer savvy. So, it is only natural that they are not aware of some of the common problems that can slow down the performance of the computers. With a few simple tips, you will be well on your way to having your computer function at top performance in no time at all. The three top factors that can slow a computer down are Spyware, a cluttered registry and unwanted desktop items.

Spyware is one of the leading causes of a slow computer. These spyware programs are known as malicious programs that attach themselves to the back of your computer, so that its maker can monitor your internet activity. It would definitely help if you could invest in a good anti-spyware program to prevent this from happening. This usually comes with an anti-virus program which scans your system to remove the spyware and all other viruses. Once you have had the software installed, it is advisable for you to scan your computer at least once a week to remove and prevent these unwanted "pests" from affecting your computer and its performance.

Having a cluttered system registry can really slow one's computer down as it is packed with unnecessary registry files. Registry files are very important to a computer as they contain preferences and settings for your computer. However, unwanted files get added into the system's registry each time you add a new software or hardware into your computer. Unfortunately, they will clutter your system's registry even after you remove or delete the software or hardware. This is because they usually remain in your registry long after you remove and delete the programs, and you might not even be aware of its existence. Nonetheless, you can fix this problem by using a registry cleaner software. A registry cleaner scans your computer and removes these unnecessary registry files. When a scan is done, it will generate a list of unneeded registry files for you to delete. This will help your computer run smoother and faster when you run applications and other programs the next time. A registry cleaner can thus help optimize your computer and improve its overall performance.

The last cause of a slow running computer can be found on your desktop. Many find that they love the convenience of having shortcuts on their desktops as well as high-resolution wallpaper and animated cursors. Unfortunately, all of these things can slow down your computer as it uses up valuable system resources. It is better to shut these items off and not use them when you are working on the computer. This will free up some memory space in your computer, letting it run more smoothly and efficiently

If you want your computer to work at its best, it is important that you take the necessary steps to reduce the occurrence of these problems. By cluttering up your registry, leaving spyware embedded in your computer and cluttering up your desktop, you can greatly affect the overall performance of your computer. So avoid them and carefully tend to these three factors to help your computer run like new again.

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