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Trade Marks - Why Bother


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Trade Mark protection is perhaps one of the most misunderstood legal rights that exists.

If I was to approach coca cola and ask to buy all their factories, their stock, their vehicles and all of their equipment, it would cost me approximately £20 Billion. However, if I was to approach the company with a view to purchase the name, nothing more, just the name Coca Cola, it would cost me in excess of £140 billion.

In fact, it was reported that the President of Coca-Cola stated that if all of the companyís buildings, vehicles, factories and equipment were destroyed Coca-Cola Inc would immerge from the ruins and rebuild itself provided that the Trademark survived. The loss of the Coca-Cola mark however, would damage the company beyond repair.

So why do so many companies ignore the biggest asset they have? After all, they would not let another company come and steal their tangible possessions so why let them steal their name?

Recently I have dealt with various clients which have done just that, ignored trade mark protection and have allowed themselves to be beaten to the post by a competitor. Of course there are remedies available under unregistered rights, however why rely on a cure when the prevention is so easy to have?

If you run a company, is you name trade marked? If not I would urge you to consider a registration. Donít expend time, money and effort on a brand and a company which one day may be stolen from right underneath your nose.

For more information please call us or visit our trade mark room at this has all the information, time scales and feeís you need to know.

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