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1 March 2009

Trade marks may be words, names, symbols, or devices, or any combination of these. They are and may be used commercially to identify and distinguish goods from those of others. A trade mark is a brand identifier. The symbol (TM) means a trade mark is not yet registered and (R) means the mark is registered. In the UK this is under Trade Marks Act, 1996 and under the EU legislation governing Community Trade Marks. A registered trade mark is a property right obtained by registration under the laws of the country where the trademark is used.

Trade marks are subdivided into classes in which protection is granted and a monopoly is provided to the owner of the mark. A registered trademark lasts 10 years and are renewable indefinitely for successive 10 year periods on payment of renewal fees.

Branding is big business. Corporate rebranding may cost millions. A central piece of this will be the trade marks. At any level it is wise to consider your branding strategy carefully. Trade marks may be the most valuable intellectual property right in any business as they should be memorable, easily identifying you to your market. Lawdit can help with registration procedures, help with structuring the trademark application for example which classes and what is covered, assist with technical examination, and deal with the application prosecution and responses.

Your company does not want to rely on the tort of passing off to pursue competitors who steal your hard-earned reputation.

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