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Virtual Assistants Can Boost Your Business


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Let's face it…when we operate a business online, there's a certain segment of the population that looks on us with suspicion. It seems as though everyday I receive another warning in my Inbox about the scams, tricks and schemes of unscrupulous Internet marketers.

But we're not there, right? I believe that the majority of Internet marketing companies hold themselves to a high ethical standard. They offer quality products and services and truly want to develop good, long-term relationships with their clients.

So how do we 'rise above the rest'? How do we present ourselves to the world in a way that inspires trust, not suspicion? There are the obvious ways - we keep our sales copy fresh and exciting, without being misleading. We deliver what we say we're going to, without excuse. We follow up on complaints and make sure we stay connected to our clients. And most of all, we protect their trust by not spamming them or selling their information to other companies.

But here's one more that might not have occurred to you. If you're out there, running that growing Internet business on your own, are the balls getting harder to keep up in the air? Are shipments not going out on time, emails not getting answered, because you're trying to juggle the roles of webmaster, customer service manager, new product development, and accountant? What if you could assign some of those tasks to someone, without having to hire employees? What would happen to your professional image online if you could say "Please contact my assistant, Mary, to schedule a call with me today?"

Having that kind of help, just when you need it, can make all the difference in succeeding online. Having someone who will answer those client emails, update your webpages, send out information, schedule your coaching calls, or set up your blogs, can give you the kind of professional image you may be lacking now. That someone is a Virtual Assistant. She uses her office, her computer, her advanced technical knowledge to help you succeed. She's not an employee, and she doesn't want to be. She's a business owner, just like you. Doesn't that sound like someone you'd want on your team?

Give it some thought. More later.

About the Author

Kate Eaton is owner of Key Support Services, a talented team of Virtual Professionals providing services to virtual clients across the United States. They specialize in providing behind-the-scenes support to Internet entrepreneurs. For more information, see

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