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26 September 2011

The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works states that copyright arises automatically, although there is no requirement in the Convention which states that a copyright notice must be included in a website. The ease with which text can be copied and pasted from a website means that In most instances, however, it is advisable to include a copyright notice. This will make clear to visitors that the text and any visual or audio media within the website is subject to copyright and may deter some infringers.

The copyright notice, or a link to the notice, should be included on every page, if possible. Where a website includes images, a notice can be placed in the comments section of the image's properties. Where images are particularly valuable, for example where they are being sold by the website, it is advisable to place a watermark on the image appearing on the website, making clear that the purchased image will not contain the watermark. The time and effort required to remove the watermark will, in most cases, put off the infringer.

Where an instance of online infringement has been detected, a copy of the original website and the infringing website should be taken as soon as possible to prevent the infringing party denying their actions later. The internet service provider (ISP) is under a duty to remove infringing material to escape liability for hosting the website and should be contacted, particularly where the domain owner for the infringing website can not be easily located.

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By Izaz Ali ( Izaz is a commercial solicitor who specialises in information technology law and intellectual property law with an emphasis on IT, escrow, online and off-line contracts and the buying and selling of online businesses.

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