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28th August 2013

The case Ebley House Limited addressed the sale of a commercial building that had been opted to tax for VAT purposes.

The purchaser had given the vendor verbal reassurance that following the purchase the building would be used for residential purposes and it is on this basis that the vendor accepted that the option to tax would have no effect and thus sold the property without charging VAT. The associated irrecoverable VAT.was also repaid.

Following the sale of the property the purchaser decided not to change the property to residential use, and instead made a planning application prior to the purchase of the property to use the property for a non-residential purpose. HMRC therefore assessed for VAT on the sale.

The Tribunal found that the intention of the purchaser at the time of purchase was to change the use of the building to residential use and the planning application was merely to keep the purchasers 'options open'. The Tribunal accepted that the vendor had been informed of the purchaser's intention at the point of sale and had consequently restricted VAT recovery.

This case is a timely reminder that it is the intention at the time of the supply that is essential when determining the correct VAT liability. It should be noted however that the legislation post the date of sale of this property states that a certificate should be issued to the vendor to disapply the option to tax.

If any of your clients have disapplied options on properties without obtaining certificates we recommend that you contact us to discuss the implications. We also recommend that if your clients are seeking to purchase properties and change their use you should contact us as there may be VAT saving opportunities. 

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