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What is ISO Certification


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As businesses large and small seek to establish their claim on what today is a truly global market place, ISO certification has risen to the forefront like never before. In fact, becoming certified with the ISO can mean a big jump in a business prospects, simply due to the recognition factor.

What is the ISO?

ISO is the shorthand term for the International Standards Organization. This body was developed in Switzerland in 1945, right after World War II. The purpose of the body is to create international standards for industrial and commercial products within a business. Although it is officially a non-governmental organization, the power and money that the organization wields is enough to make governments in all developed countries take an interest in what they have to say, often turning ISO recommendations into law.

ISO certification

Receiving certification by the ISO means that a business has agreed to uphold certain standards and practices in its day-to-day operations. These standards are of particular importance when it comes to industries and commercial interests that may have a significant environmental impact through the discharge of waste of by-products.

In order to achieve ISO certification, a business must be able to demonstrate compliance with ISO standards in these areas; and not just those that are enshrined by law in the country where the business is based.

ISO certification will demonstrate both to other businesses and an ever more aware customer base that a company does indeed uphold certain strict standards when it comes to operations. The ISO community is so broad that simply through joining, a business stands to greatly increase productivity on an international scale. It is more visible, both to other like-minded corporations and to individual concerned consumers.

ISO certification does require a certain amount of paper work to be filled out on a regular basis in order to remain current, but in many cases a business will find that this helps the entire business process. A forced organization, as it were, is still a guaranteed way to keep processes and procedures flowing. To sum up, ISO certification means an acceptance of standardized practices that will improve the visibility and operations of any company that deals in the areas the ISO covers. It also acts as a seal of approval, signifying a company's commitment to the health of the people in the country where it is located and the environment in general.

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