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What is Shared Office Space


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Sharing office space is the new concept that is taking the UK by storm. It involves a company which has spare desks available in its office renting those desks out to another company. Sharing space can be advantageous to both the company renting out desks and the company renting desks from it. It offers the former the opportunity to generate additional income and it offers the latter the chance to reduce their overheads.

The Advantages of Renting Shared Office Space

For many businesses the cost of office accommodation is their main overhead. The problem is that although working from home can help to reduce this, it does not always project the right image to clients.

For those businesses for whom working from home is not an option but the cost of renting office space is an issue, sharing space can be an ideal compromise. This is because renting space in someone else's office is significantly cheaper than renting a whole office yourself. Moreover, it enables you to work from a more prestigious location than you might otherwise.

As well as the financial incentive, sharing office space with synergistic businesses (companies who work in related fields to your own) can help you to generate referrals. It may not have be possible to generate these leads without the contacts that you make via your office share arrangements.

As a result, sharing office space can help you to grow your business as well as manage your overheads more effectively.

Of course office sharing has another up side that has nothing to do with finance or business management. It can be very rewarding from a social perspective to share space, especially if you would otherwise be working on your own all day.

How to Choose An Office to Share

When choosing an office share you might want to consider the following:

1. What type of area you want to work in
2. The cost of the office
3. The businesses that you will be sharing with

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