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John Norton - Expert Author

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20 June 2013

Information Technology

PwC recently released the results of their 5th Annual Digital IQ Survey. Whilst the survey data is taken from the corporate world and also aimed back at that market, there is valuable insight within it for smaller businesses, and it shows how they can improve their use of IT.

PwC define Digital IQ as a measure of how well companies understand the value of technology and weave it into the fabric of their organisation. Companies with a high digital IQ donít view IT as an add on, or something which is put in afterwards to resolve problems, they realise that it must be one of the first considerations in every business decision or strategic change.

The key finding of this years survey is that companies with strong collaboration between the CIO and other board members, are four times more likely to be in the top quartile of performance. The analysis also shows that these companies are more likely to aggressively invest in the four key digital technologies; mobility, cloud computing, business analytics and social media, than other companies.

Whilst a CIO may be rare in smaller businesses, the key message is that strong executive leadership and collaboration are crucial to building lasting value from information technology. In more than four fifths of these top performing companies the board agreed that their Chief Exec was a champion of IT, compared with 54% for other respondents.

So what lessons can you learn from this information and how can you apply the findings to your own company, even if itís just you? Well here are a few things you could consider:

  • Is your CEO an active champion of IT use in your company?
  • When a new business strategy is being developed is the role and use of IT in that strategy a key part of the discussion?
  • Are your IT investments, even small ones, made in collaboration with the whole management team, and with a clear business goal in mind?
  • Is your management team actively examining how new and emerging technologies, particularly the four key areas noted above, can be used to help your business leapfrog the competition?

PwCís 5th Annual Digital IQ Survey: Digital Conversations and the C-suite is available here.

However small your business, access to cheap but powerful IT is now so ubiquitous, that it really should form the core of all your business activity. If you are concerned about your companyís use of IT or want more advice please Get In Touch for a no obligation discussion.

About the Author

John Norton, is a senior business and finance professional with a big four, blue chip, software and technology background, and board level leadership experience in finance, IT, operations, customer service and general management.

He is owner of No Worry Web, which creates and manages small business web sites and social media presence, for an all-inclusive monthly fee. For further details see or call 0845 5191 275.

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