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What is a Public Liability Claim


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10 October 2011

What is a Public Liability Claim?

If you have an accident or suffer a personal injury whilst on public property, and it was not your fault, then you will entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. Because the person or company owning or being responsible for maintaining the public area should have taken out a public liability insurance policy to compensate members of the public for any injury they sustain whilst on the property caused by their negligence.

Types of Accidents in Public Places

Following are examples of the type of injuries you may sustain in a public property

a) Injuries caused by dangerous footpaths or pavements.

b) Untreated ice and snow, pot holes, tree roots and steps or staircases in disrepair.

c) Slips or Trips inside supermarkets, shopping centres, DIY stores, car parks, amusement parks and restaurants etc.

d) Injuries caused by sharp objects or objects falling from a height in a public place.

Action to take after your injury

To help your case it is advisable to take the following steps:

a) you should report the accident to the staff or owner at the time,

b) make a note of your accident in the accident book if possible,

c) take names and addresses of witnesses to the accident

d) take photographs of the area where the accident happened.

e) if the accident is as a result of badly maintained pavements, it would be advisable to put a ruler or a coin such as a 10p or 50p piece standing upright beside the defect before you take the photograph to give an idea of depth / height.

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