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Who Is Motivating the Motivator - Tips for Leaders


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I took my golden retreiver Maya to the vet the other day, my veterinarian is a great guy and has been our vet for many years. He asked me what I did for a living and when I told him I was an author and a speaker he was very interested. I told him about my most recent book '50 Ways to Lead & Love It' and he asked me to drop off a copy. He then confessed and began to tell me that even though he has been running his vet practice for over 20 years and has a small staff his biggest challenge is keeping himself motivated and then continually motivating his team. I told him that whether a leader has a small team or a large team there are times when we need to find ways to rejuvenate ourselves so that we can continue to give our team what they need to do their jobs at a high level while having fun. So who is motivating the motivator? Here are 5 tips to restore your optimism and get you back on track:

1. Take frequent 'retreat's from the business or office environment. If self-employed this means having the discipline to force yourself to take long weekends every three months and if working in an office environment schedule in days off or leave early on a Friday.

2. Teach your team to be fully operational withyout you. Many leaders have set it up so that their office cannot function without them and this is a trap that is difficult to emerge from. The less they need you, the better of a job you have done in empowering them and in creating more time for yourself.

3. Attend regular educational events or conferences. Even though many of us have 'been there, done that' we can lose sight of our overall goals and going to a seminar or conference can put things back in perspective and restore the soul.

4. Rely on a peer or buddy to be your 'motivational coach' by sharing stories about the business or office and provide support to each other as well as ideas.

5. Hire a coach. Many CEO's and top level leaders are now hiring coaches to help them reach higher goals, motivate them to change and to help them be more creative.

Leaders need to restore their energy in order to continue to be effective. Who's motivating the motivator? You are.

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Cheryl Cran, CSP President of Synthesis at Work Inc. works with organizations in significantly increasing productivity and profitability through communication strategies that improve employee performance, leverage team synergy and build extraordinary leaders. Many of Synthesis at Work's clients are award winning industry leaders.

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