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The Internet has long since passed the buzzword stage of business adaptation. It is now recognized as an integral part of any new successful business venture. While the Internetís business value has become ubiquitous in industry journals and classroom texts, very few businesses truly understand why successful eMarketing, and not simply a Web presence, may be the true path to Internet business nirvana.

ďIf you build it, they will comeĒ only works in the movies

In this respect doing business on the Internet is no different than its brick and mortar counter-part. Itís not the old-school business 101 mantra of ďlocation, location, locationĒ, but rather the new-school mantra of ďvisibility, visibility, visibility.Ē Of the billions of pages existing in the Internetís ethereal online universe only 16% are indexed by search engines (source: Web Developerís Journal). This is in high contrast to the 73% of customers who use search engines to find new Web sites (source: Jupiter Media). If your potential customers canít locate your site it becomes that much more difficult for them to purchase your services or goods.

However, search engines arenít the only way to drive traffic to your site. A successful eMarketing approach will be integrated to drive traffic through multiple channels. Press releases can drive interested consumers from online news placements, white papers will help turn researchers into purchasers, online advertising (banner adís, newsletter sponsorships, etc.) can entice prospective clients from other sites to browse your wares as well, viral marketing and Web-based guerrilla marketing campaigns can bring tremendous brand awareness and drive results, but are a notoriously finicky audience. Businesses with established customer relationships, especially in the b2c realm, can repeatedly tap their existing client base to drive new traffic and increase sales through active e-mail engagements that entice customerís to make impulse purchases multiple times throughout the year.

Businesses can also effectively use offline ad campaigns to drive new visitors to your site. This is inherently a bit more difficult as you are requiring customers to remember your Web site address, which is not always easy. The most effective offline campaigns are integrated with online campaigns to take a comprehensive approach to customer engagement. A targeted direct mailing with personalized e-mail and telephone follow-ups that drive clients to a Web-based demo of services will ultimately attain much better results than the more limited traditional mail-only approach.

In short there is more to eMarketing than a Web site presence and an integrated eMarketing approach is the only way to ensure that your business reaches the widest possible target audience and successfully achieves online nirvana.

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Adam Harrell is the President and COO of NeboWeb (

Adam has been at the forefront of the interactive marketing industry since 1996. His unique ability to unite brilliant design with successful online marketing strategies allows NeboWeb to deliver both style and function to its clients. Adam is a strict adherent to Web standards and an early proponent of search marketing. His depth of expertise and commitment to quality are reflected in all of his work and he is considered a trusted expert in the Atlanta internet Marketing community.

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