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Windows File Compare Utility


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Windows file compare utility helps in differentiation, classification and merger of various files. It detects and merges the differences. This utility does manifold jobs of comparing text files, entire folders and web pages in a side by side manner. Windows file compare utility is used for managing source code and keeping the folders synchronized. The service also helps in detailed analysis of differences, comparison of program output and validation of data. The file differences can be resolved and merged visually with the help of this utility. Furthermore, the windows file compare utility does editing and an active re- evaluation of the files. It has a user interface which is flexible, along with many options for customization. This utility is a solution for total file and source code management. The utility has a vast range of text and file operations and script commands for task automation. With this file compare utility, one can see all the files, matching files as well as mismatched files. A lot of time can be saved by using windows file compare utility.

Features and Tools of the Windows Compare Utility. With windows compare utility, files can be compared side by side visually. Folders can also be compared along with comparison of networks. Differences can be highlighted. There can be a summary bar that gives fast feedback of total differences. One special feature is that of text editing, wherein one can completely edit text during comparison, along with active refreshing. The differences can be selected and merged very easily with drag and drop facility or by clicking. A single master copy can be made for changes and mergers of all the co workers. There are unlimited redo and undo operations. The comparison results can be printed and exported to HTML. There is a total and complete support of command line. The windows compare utility program is very easy and simple to install as well as uninstall. It has numerous customization options as well like the colors, fonts, algorithmic comparisons etc. This utility is very simple and easy to use. The file differences can be analyzed for all folder branches.

Some of the utilities may have additional tools for saving snapshots so that they can be compared later, subfolders that can be expanded, display filters, sorting, hiding folders not contributing to comparison and multi threaded operation. The other tools include compare wizard and filters along with many more.

Different types of File Comparison Utilities

There is an availability of wide range of file comparison utilities in the market. Some perform primary tasks whereas some are very advanced. They might come free or for a price tag. Some of the companies offer a free one month trial also after which one can pay up or give up the service. Some of the utilities are based on a command line and some are GUI based. The free file comparison utilities include P4WinMerge, xDelta, ExamDiff, GNU Diff, Java xDelta, WinMerge, KDiff3, xxdiff and CSDiff. The paid file comparison utilities include Compare and Merge, Beyond Compare and so on.

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