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"Small wonder that spell means both a story told, and a formula of power over living men."

- J.R.R. Tolkien, "Origins", from "On Fairy Stories"

It was winter of 1990, and I was sitting in the office of a small, dark, cluttered, out of the way Construction Company, talking to the president and taking notes about his vision for the future.

"Where do you see your company in 5 years?" I asked Phil.

"A lot bigger than we are today" he said. "I see us growing to be a national company with branches all across the country. I see us working on the biggest projects in the province with a large team of engaged, excited people. I see us bidding on and getting projects even in the States because of our reputation for excellence and our ability to finish a project under budget and ahead of schedule. We will be a forward thinking company who stays on the edge of progress, and it will all be through our people that will determine our growth. They will be positive, excited and eager to grow."

Struggling to keep up with him as I scribbled his vision on my notepad, I asked "How do you know this vision will happen."

Wizard-like, he said "It has to happen because that's the way I see it."

At that I looked up from my notepad into his eyes and saw such confidence and belief, that I had no doubt about how he felt or what he was going to make happen.

Today, almost 20 years later, Sunny Corner Mechanical is a force to be reckoned with in the construction arena. They ARE national, They ARE working on the biggest projects in the province and some of them across the country, they HAVE a fantastic team of eager, excited people, and they ARE continuing to grow.

Is this an accident of progress?

I don't think so.

It's the coming together of a Gandalf-like (spell) vision casting that was uttered into being by a man who knew what it was to speak confidently about things yet unseen.

Such confidence is rare in people who are casting visions. It's rare because they often limit their thinking to possibilities rather than certainties.

That's what I love about the old wizards of the movies like Gandalf the Grey in Lord of the Rings, or Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series, they speak as if anything and everything is possible, and when they cast their magic spells, it is always with such confidence that it, as Phil said, "Has to happen".

That's also where you get devoted "followship" from the people who work with or for you. When they see someone with a vision and the audacity and confidence to believe that it (what they said but is still unseen) will happen, and that they are seen as a part of the key to making it happen, they will move heaven and earth to not let them down and bring the words that have been cast, into physical being.

Do you sometimes find that the visions you conjure and cast, that seemed so bright and alive at the moment of conception, just seemed to fizzle out before taking life?

I can tell you with certainty that in most cases it's not the vision that was spoken into being that went wrong, the fault lies within the visioneer and the amount of unbelief they had at that time.

If there is even the smallest inkling of doubt in the mind of the visioneer that what they want to create will not happen: it won't: it's the level of confidence in the actions taken or not taken that blocked the result.

An accomplished visioneer has what I call "a knowing" within them that permeates their being and provides wizardly assurance and certainty that what they have thought of and then released into words in the form of a vision will come to pass. They have more than a mind picture of their goal; they have a "heart picture" and feel its success more than they think it, compelling them to speak with unfettered authority.

They just know.

What about you?

What do you want to create in your life or in your business that has captured your heart and your imagination? Would you like to taste its success?

Of course you would.

All right, here's what you do, assuming you already have the picture: To achieve your vision, you must get and stay in action being certain and knowing that what you want is going to manifest itself. Any action taken in affirmative belief will ultimately result in success. You must believe, know and walk in your authority to create success, and you cannot give up, cave in or quit.

This week, I'm challenging you to be bold in what you create in your life, and to unleash your own brand of personal magic. Stand at your own Bridge of Khazad-dum with your own vision clearly in your heart and soul and declare its existence into the dark confines of doubt and fear: do not let them pass over with you. State that what you believe has to be because that is the way you see it, and nothing will prevail against you.

Make this your most magical week ever!


About the Author

S. Paul Kearley
Personal Best Training Solutions
Business Coach, Managing Partner
Dale Carnegie Business Group
506 432 6500

A successful salesperson, speaker and manager, author of over 350 articles and 3 e-books, Paul Kearley has coached many thousands of people since his start in the Personal and Business development business in 1985.  From Premiers of provinces to CEOís, or from salespeople to students, Paul has assisted them all to create alignment, build confidence, improve human relations, deal effectively with stress, amplify sales and strengthen attitudes.

A Business coach for Dale Carnegie Business Group, Paul is licensed to coach in leadership, management, customer relations, personal development, public speaking and sales.  Paul has worked with numerous companies and organizations from developing greater sales effectiveness with Jacques Whitford Engineering (now Stantec) to creating an environment where everyone sells, as he did with PEI Credit Unions, to making change stick with The Municipality for the County of Richmond and coaching JD Irvingís I.T. team to present more convincingly and with power.

 As Managing Partner for the Canadian Maritimes, Paulís responsibilities include creating a dynamic support team, building an ever-increasing client base, training new business coaches and delivering 100% client satisfaction.

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