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With stock market values, concerns over pensions and house prices, we have plenty of things to keep us awake at night! But a lot of us have more mundane things to get worked up about – the advertising campaign which doesn’t appear to be working, margins getting squeezed, the customer who took up hours of your time and never bought anything, your van breaking down just when you needed it most, no cash in the Bank!

Who is to blame for all of these misfortunes? The usual response is the Government, the tax man, the ungrateful customer, the mechanic, your next door neighbour, your partner. Everyone else in the world is to blame except … you! All too quickly you try and find someone else to blame for our little problems in life. You find reasons to justify why it has nothing to do with you.

What people don’t realise is that by continually blaming ‘them’ you are actually preventing yourself from moving forward, trapped in a spiral of negativity, forever the victim. All success-focused people take personal responsibility for the events that happen to them, for the decisions they take. They understand that by not taking responsibility they will never resolve anything. They have a belief that everything they have in life, good or bad, is as a result of their actions. As a result, they never stop still; they never pause to lay blame; they are continually moving forward, not being held back by ‘them’.

So what can you do to start accepting responsibility for what happens in your life and regain control? Next time, before you start blaming others pause and ask, “What have I contributed to produce this result?” And then more importantly, ask, “What can I do to put it right or stop it happening again?”

Always take responsibility for what you have in your life and give yourself the opportunity and permission to grow. Be responsible for your own success!

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